Stylecraft Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along by Jane Crowfoot

Welcome to the start of the Stylecraft Lily Pond Blanket Crochet Along designed by Jane Crowfoot using one of Stylecraft's most popular yarns: Life DK.

Over the next 14 weeks we will be bringing you a new block every fortnight. See below the dates for your diary and useful downloads:

The patterns will focus on one motif or block every fortnight and you will need to complete an average of 4 motifs/blocks per set. Most of the blocks are 15cm square, although others are slightly bigger.

Jane has tried to design the pieces so that they get progressively harder and hopefully this means that crocheters can use the CAL as a learning tool.

At the beginning of each block, the colours and equipment you will need will be outlined and the abbreviations will be repeated. 

The first block is Stripes and Waves which, as the title suggests, represents the ripples of water in the lily pond. You will need to make four of these and if you look closely you will see tiny flecks of colour which represent the fish and plants swimming below the gentle ripples and small waves of the water. We hope that you enjoy it.

The second block is Tiny Lily and is the first flower motif of the blanket. It started life as a simple flower but reminded Jane so much of a pond lily from one of Monet’s Lily Pond paintings that it inspired her to create the Lily Pond Blanket. It represents the smallest of the lily collection and the delicate nature of the design is truly reflective of a tiny blossoming flower. 

The third block, Lily Bud, the lovely soft pink hues of the lily bud are slowly revealed, blossoming on the water’s surface. Now we begin to see the emergence of a lovely contrast of colours on a green and blue background. 

The fourth block, Bobbles and Pin Wheels, adds another dimension to the surrounding water of the lily pond. The exaggerated ripple effects are enhanced by a lovely combination of blues and greens and the addition of lily bobbles on the water’s edge creates a subtle pop of colour. A truly tranquil piece.

The fifth block, Lily Pond Flower, is where we see the lily flower in full bloom – bursting with life and energy. Rich in depth and vibrancy, this lily pond flower has layers of colourful petals. These layers add a lovely three dimensional feel to the piece.

The sixth block, Bobbles and Wavy Shells, gives a sense of gentle rippling of the water in the surrounding lily pond. This piece adds a lovely textured effect to the surrounding water of the lily pond and the bright pink bobbles add a lovely contrast to the peaceful greens and aquas.

  • 30 June

  • 14 July

The seventh block - available to download from 30th June.

Remember to download the Making Up and Pressing & Blocking Instructions if you haven't already done so :)

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